Poke the Box by Seth Godin – A Review

6 Mar

If your anything like me, you’ve read dozens and dozens of books on various aspects of your life that you’ve wanted to fix. The problem is that I’m always stuck in the planning and research phase. I hardly ever take action on what I’ve learned. This book is the kick in the pants I needed to just start something.

This book is the first to be published by the Domino Project. The Domino Project is joint venture between Seth Godin and Amazon to bring a new way for authors to bring books to market. Projects like this, that are new, that break the rules, are risky, and so on are just what this book goes on to describe. The ideas presented really aren’t anything new, just uncommon. There simple: Go, Just Start, Do Something.

Seth Godin uses his unique talent to help you understand that the working world is changing. There is a missing element that we all need to improve upon: taking initiative. Don’t just sit around any more. Go do something. Don’t wait to be “picked”. Be proactive. Take risks. It might not work out, but so what. You have no idea where it might take you. The journey is more interesting than the destination.

Now GO read the book. I dare you. It will change your life.


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